Located on the western coast of South America, Chile is the longest country in the world. Among these lands with climates and extremely different soils, are fertile valleys with a mild Mediterranean climate, which is optimal for making the best wines, famous world round for their quality. VIA Wines owns vineyards in Chile’s most important wine valleys that provide the fruit used to make our Chilensis wines, which capture the essence of the country’s different terroirs. Chilensis. One Wine, all Chile.

Casablanca Valley

Tapihue Vineyard

Our Tapihue Vineyard is located in the Casablanca Valley, Chile’s best-known cool-climate valley, famous for the production of white varieties and Pinot Noir. It is located 80 km northwest of Santiago, very close to the Pacific Ocean.

Colchagua Valley

Nilahue Vineyard

Located approximately 150 km south of Santiago, Colchagua is a narrow agricultural valley that begins at the foot of the Andes and extends all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Warm and naturally dry, it has an abundance of water supplied by the Tinguiririca River.

Curicó Valley

Los Niches Vineyard

This valley is located 195 km to the south of Santiago. Known as one of the most traditional Chilean winemaking zones, it is characterized by its gently rolling hills, ideal for grape growing.

Maule Valley

San Rafael Vineyard

Our winery and main office are located at the San Rafael Vineyard. It is a beautiful location where visitors can learn about the Chilensis winemaking production process, as well as enjoy a delicious winetasting in our Quincho del Maule.