The Essence

With Chilensis all the terroirs of Chile...

In VIA WINES, inspired by our country, its nature, and its people, we developed Chilensis. A wine that represents the best of us: the wonderful diversity of terroirs that Chile offers from north to south, and the most characteristic of our culture. Chilensis is a friendly, close wine, always available to share with family and friends. Always the perfect company for dishes made with the noblest ingredients. No matter where you are, Chilensis is a wine for you to enjoy all of Chile.

The name VIA was chosen from the Latin "The Way" to articulate the vision of a new vina, audacious, based on Chile's wine-growing diversity but open to the future. The essence of this winery lies in the principle of excellence to develop and offer the world, wines of the highest quality.


Today, VIA Wines has more than 1,000 hectares of vineyards planted in the most outstanding wine regions of Chile, from where the fruit is obtained to produce wines that faithfully reflect the spirit of their brands.

In its short history, VIA Wines has become one of the most important wineries and major exporters of premium wine in Chile.